Traditional Karate-do
Federation International

Saito-ha Shito-ryu Karate-do

The Mission

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The Mission

The Saito-ha Shito-ryu Karate-do of the Traditional Karate-do Federation International (TKF International or TKFI) aspires to bring together members to prosper Saito-ha Shito-ryu with high standards. The organization is dedicated to the promotion, preservation and education of the martial arts and its traditions, with service to the community in the spirit of karate-do. The TKF International Saito-ha Shito-ryu strives to be the most reputable and respected organization worldwide, and pledges to uphold the classical styles of Shito-ryu as founded by Kenwa Mabuni, promoted by Kenzo Mabuni, and advanced by Del Saito Soke through incorporation of his modification of the style.

We pride our members in accountability, integrity, and honor. Each member is asked to sincerely commit to achieving the goals of TKF International Saito-ha Karate-do with veracity, engaging in community outreach activities, and striving for self-improvement of the mind, body and spirit.

The TKFI karate-do competition program offers quality competition and training as an adjunct to the general program of the TKFI organization. The program is intended to enhance the physical, mental and moral development of all athletes; to provide an avenue for competition on a local, national and international level; to integrate into a curriculum that will encourage our athletes to choose a drug-free lifestyle; to showcase TKFI karate champions, instructors, coaches, officials as role models; and to promote good sportsmanship, exemplary citizenship as well as safety in competition.