Soke's Corner

March 19, 2012

Spring - A perfect time to restore HOPE

Many of you are going through times of uncertainty, fears, frustrations and even hopelessness. The past months have been difficult for you to keep focused on your goals, ambitions and purpose. Blame for your frustrations can be directed to the economical woes of your country or at your political leaders. Yet no matter what excuses you might rest upon, consult your hopes and dreams, for they are the breath of life. Fulfill your potentials and pursue your goals despite the snags and challenges you are faced with. Ultimately, your level of excellence lies in hope which is the medicine for healing and renewed energy. The quicker you can restore this most significant fact of success, the better prepared you will be to assist others in finding courage to pursue their destination, responsibility and purpose.

Karate teachers and leaders must always stay true to the course, for those that you serve depends on your healthy existence. Allow the sun to shine in shady areas and do the best you can do with commitment and passion. Continue to learn how to be an outstanding teacher. For it is Spring, a perfect time to see how hope energizes life and sings to you without having the need for words…

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