Soke's Corner

February 14, 2012


A Gasshuku is technically an extended training session. In our TKFI organization, the term is used to refer to the various Karate training courses that we hold throughout the year to review and thoroughly practice during an intensive three-day period or longer.

The value of these courses are immense. A typical Gasshuku will offer the training equivalent of a couple of months of dojo training. The team atmosphere where everyone learns to work together, totally committed to the task at hand and have no external distractions, keeps the spirits and motivation high. The training is so comprehensive and intensive, that the lessons become more clear and understandable, not only in theory but in practical application and action.

Participants learn to communicate and are provided with opportunities to speak in front of their fellow students. They are also required to share their creativity by presenting skits and songs. They are taught to be more confident while honing their leadership skills.

Due to the extensive practice of Kata, Bunkai/Oyo, Kumite, Kihon and many other areas of our martial arts curriculum, each participant develops a deeper understanding of the importance of our art in a modern day society.

Our members also have the opportunity to meet students from our branch clubs throughout the world and make new friends. They develop a better sense of belonging to our TKFI family as they share their training experience, culture, studies, family, and many other parts of their life.

At each Gasshuku, members are provided the opportunity to test primarily for higher Dan ranks in front of their peers and Shihan Kai members. By doing so, each examinee is held accountable to the standards that are clearly defined and followed. Students find it a better environment in which to test because it gives them the opportunity to review all their requirements before grading, and with the assistance of our higher ranking instructors.

At this year’s Gasshuku in Hawaii, the experience should be one that will be remembered for years to come. The cabins are practically on the beach where the lapping of the waves would ease the aches of our severe training. Running and training on the beach and in the blue Pacific Ocean will also be exhilarating. The stories recounted at the evening campfire will include Hawaiian legends that are often times more real than stretched tall tales. The ono kau kau (delicious food) will stir the appetite, and the tours, beach activities and hikes promise to hold plenty of fun.

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