Soke's Corner

January 9, 2012

Live each Day as if it is the Last Day of your Life

May you begin the New Year with renewed spirit, vigor, commitment and passion.

May you train harder to understand the significance of unity in mind, body and spirit to become a wholesome karate-ka.

May you continue to focus on self improvement so that you lead by example.

May you courageously and wisely face and overcome obstacles and challenges throughout the year.

May your devotion and encouragement for others illuminate their actions.

May your broken dreams be mended and fulfilled.

May your dojo be a shining example in your community and in the TKFI family.

May your prosperity and rewards be abundant without sacrificing integrity or excellence.

May you do more for others and seek ways to serve your community.

May you appreciate your parents and family by heightened respect, honor, wholesome communication and tolerance.

May you avoid the thief of time that prevents you from reaching your goals.

May you be a rock and not yield to peer pressure that corrupts your character.

May you never give up and may failure always bow to your determination.

May you soar to a higher spiritual level and gain a better understanding of the purpose of your life.

May you keep healthy, happy and at peace throughout the New Year.

Del Saito Soke

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