Soke's Corner

December 21, 2012

I said a Christmas prayer for you

Because another Special Season is here.

I asked for riches for you, but not money, jewelry or toys,
but gifts of love, peace and joy.

I asked for your family to send you their caring spirit so that their
bond reminds you of Christ’s unyielding care for you.

I asked for more precious time with those you cherish,
for long walks by the sea, or time to just to sit and laugh and even cry,
near the crackling warm fireplace.

I asked for good health so that you might continue to train,
and to share your energy and fulfilling spirit
with all those that depend on your presence.

I asked for your leadership to be filled with wisdom, honor and integrity,
so that you may in your own way, be an inspiring light for another
to see the obstacles they need to remove from their path.

I even asked for struggles throughout the year, perhaps better termed
as tests, so that you remain humble, in balance,
and not forget your true place and purpose.

I asked that your friends are blessed with power, for when they are
feeling that they are on top of the world, true friendship and true character
will be revealed sooner than later.

I asked for calm in your heart so that God may talk to you
on a very personal basis and that you may feel His love
to have a long-lasting conversation and relationship with Him.

I asked for selflessness, peace, love and hope that the new year
will provide you with strength to make it happen for you, your family and for your fellow man.

By Del Saito

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