Soke's Corner

October 16, 2012


I hope many of you who are able to vote will do so and take an active part to help steer the direction of our central government thereby shaping the future of our country and of the world.

Some of you may think that your vote won’t really matter because of the stipulations of our Electoral College; however, getting involved will send a clear message to those whom we send to Congress to represent us.

Our TKFI organization modeled the republic that our country was founded upon; that is an appointed representative Shihan Kai guided by our PPM principles and regulations that serves in the best interests of our members. It is different than a democracy that our country has transformed into, a government that is ruled by the majority.

This transformation brings representations from all constituents together in governance and opens opportunity for individual participation. Yet we cannot begin to solve all our problems under this paradigm because of special interest groups and selfish agendas. However we can begin to change the course of our nation by first educating ourselves and then others to restore a more republic form of union, work towards being part of a wholesome solution rather than pointing fingers and demoralizing our great nation.

Until then, those who are elected to office will have their hands tied behind their backs even if they have the spirit, integrity and commitment to make a difference.

Here are my suggestions for restoring a healthy economy:
• Restore incentives for product manufacturing in our country.
• Facilitate foreign investments and promote tourism.
• Overhaul our education system to be competitive globally.
• Become less dependent on foreign oil.
• Work towards research and production of clean energy.
• Urge Congress to pass the American Jobs Act.
• Rethink the necessity of unions and benefits for the work force.
• Provide support and opportunities for our returning veterans.
• Have our congressmen on the same medical and social security plan as every American they represent.
• Encourage stimulus for all business including TKFI dojos and their partners.

So, please ask yourselves of what you can do to take an active part in restoring our great nation as the foremost leader of the free world. Begin by voting.

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