Biography of Shihan Ragunathan Kaysavan

I was born in 1966 at Tirupur, Tamil Nadu State, India. I began my martial arts training in the mid nineteen seventies and received my first Black Belt in 1990 from Hayashi Ha Shitoryu. A few years later, I left the organization due to the kind of leadership that was contrary to my liking.

Not discouraged, I continued to practice Karate-do while seeking a good organization to affiliate with. After several attempts to find a worthy organization, I became frustrated with the financial commitment that was required and one-sided political agendas.

I then decided to start my own organization of Shadow-ryu Karate Do. I also opened dojos so that my instructors could live professionally with Karate-do. In June 26, 2008 my organization affiliated with the World Union of Karate Do Federations.

I have secured several Championships from National & International Tournaments. I have an outstanding coaching record, training numerous past and present Karate champions & referees. I participated in many Karate and Kobudo seminars from numerous Japan & Okinawa Karate Masters. I also instruct the art of Silambam (Tamil Nadu Traditional Martial Art) at my Karate centers.

I continued to search many styles but decided to continue in the Shito style. I thank God who provided me a legitimate way to find Traditional Karate-do Federation International, Saito Ha Shitoryu. I was impressed with the words of the TKFI Mission Statement; that is, “dedicated to the promotion, preservation and education of the martial arts and its traditions, with service to the community in the spirit of Karate-do.”

I received a response from Soke and his words were somewhat different from the other contacts. I was impressed that at no point in the letter did he mention money or financial expenses, but rather the substance of Karate training. I felt a great emotion that invaded my heart and soul with happiness. Then on February 2011, I invited Soke Del Saito, and together with Shihan Tony Mendonca they traveled to India for the first time. After a wonderful experience and immediate friendship, and on a beautiful day, I changed the organization title name to Shadow Kai Karate Do, Saito Ha Shitoryu given by Del Saito Soke.

I was formally accepted by Soke Del Saito and went under his tutelage receiving the rank of Godan through homologation. After several months of service and demonstration of outstanding leadership, I was honored by Soke Del Saito and the TKFI Shihan Kai with the title of Shihan and official member of the Shihan Kai.

I am currently the president and Chief instructor of Shadow Kai Karate Do and the representative of Saito Ha shitoryu TKFI India. The way of Karate I have designed is primarily to help children with social and communication challenges so that they may reach their fullest potential.

Shihan Ragunathan Kaysavan

President and Chief Instructor of Shadow Kai Karate Do
Saito-ha Shito-ryu TKFI India

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