Rank Achievements

Honored to 10th degree rank by International
   Shihan Kai, 2009.
Master Teacher degree in Budo Science -
   Recognized by the University of Israel, 2009.
Promoted to 9th degree rank rank in 2008
   by International Shihan Kai, 2008.
Promoted to 3rd degree rank in Iaijutsu,
Promoted to 2nd degree rank in Iaijutsu,
Promoted to 8th degree rank rank
   by Mabuni Kenzo Soke, 1998.
Awarded Hanshi title by
   Mabuni Kenzo Soke, 1998.
Promoted to 1st degree rank in Iaido, 1997.
Promoted to 7th degree rank rank,
   September 15, 1996.
Promoted to 6th degree rank rank,
   September 1, 1994.
Awarded Shihan (master teacher), 1990,
   Mabuni Soke.
Awarded Shihan (master teacher), 1989,
   Kotaka Shihan.
Promoted to 5th degree rank, May 15, 1981.
Promoted to 4th degree rank, May 15, 1978.
Promoted to 3rd degree rank,
   September 27, 1976.
Promoted to 2nd degree rank,
   November 10, 1975.

Karate Diplomas
Shihan diploma
Israel certificate
Hachidan diploma
Hanshi diploma

Training Experience
Rank Achievements
Saito-Ha Shito-ryu Karate-do Lineage

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