Affiliation Information

Traditional Karate-do Federation International (TKFI) often receives inquiries regarding membership to our organization.

TKFI is a classical Karate organization, and preserves the integrity of our martial art. The late founder, Kenwa Mabuni, and the late Soke, Kenzo Mabuni, embraced the true essence of Karate-do. Del Saito, our present leader for TKFI, was given the blessing by his teacher Kenzo Mabuni Soke, to continue in preserving Shito-ryu within the mission of TKFI.

The easiest way to join TKFI is to visit one of our branch dojo and apply to become a student. You will be taught Shito-ryu Karate-do under the guidance of one of our licensed instructor.

If you are already an instructor with a dojo or group, and wish to affiliate with TKFI, please follow the following requirements:

If there is already a TKFI representative in your country, you must apply for affiliation through them. To check if there is already an established branch in your country, please click on our map.

If there is no affiliated branch in your country, then you must be prepared to visit Oregon, U.S.A. (at your expense) to meet with Del Saito Soke and the Shihan-kai, or invite (at your expense) a shihan (appointed by Saito Soke) to your dojo.

You must be willing to forfeit your current grade and accept a new grade (possibly a lower grade) after an assessment by Soke and/or the Shihan-kai.

After you have travelled to Oregon (or after a shihan has visited your dojo) the TKFI International Shihan-Kai will decide whether or not to accept you with Provisional Membership. Provisional Membership has limitations and may extend for a period of two years. After two years of Provisional Membership the TKFI International Shihan-Kai will decide whether or not to grant full membership. Should you wish to apply, initial contact should be by letter. (applications by email will not be accepted). Please include a recent photograph of yourself, information about your Karate and martial arts background (please attach certified copies of all dan certificates), and a DVD of you and your students showing fundamentals, Kata, Kumite, Kobudo (if applicable) and any other training activities you wish to share, and send to:

Ceci Cheung Shihan
TKFI General Secretary
1535 Harbeck Road
Grants Pass, Oregon 97527

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