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How karate makes you strong in spirit

By Andreas Gattey

Karate makes you strong by working hard toward something. I have learned this by training here for seven years. Each day I come to the dojo I train hard. Working hard is not just a physical activity but mental as well. One cannot grow physically strong without over coming mental challenges as well.

An example of overcoming mental challenges would be sparring. Each opponent has the ability to defeat me if I let him. It’s not just the opponents actual sparring skills but his attitude. If I come to a match mentally prepared I won’t allow anyone intimidate me. I know what my abilities are and must be confident before any opponent. The key to success is to mentally be stronger than my opponent. Attitude is a large portion of victory. If one has a pour attitude he may be defeated but if he has a positive attitude he can over come his opponent. But it is not just mental work it is also physical work.

Karate causes me to grow physically through rigorous training.

Physical strength is obtained through Karate by repetition. Simple moves are learned in karate such as are shown in kihon kata nijugo. It is the daily repetition which cause our muscles to grown and perform our katas smoothly and with precision. Core strengthening is critical to building a strong body.

This is how karate makes you strong in mind body and spirit.

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