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Saito-ha Shito-ryu Karate-do


Del Saito’s Martial Arts Training Center Logo

The logo for Del Saito's Martial Arts Training Center is in part derived from Saito Soke's Kamon (family crest/emblem).

The TKFI logo represents the Karate-do that is practiced in this dojo under the protection of the crane, conceivably the oldest bird on earth. The crane symbolizes wisdom, strong spirit and happiness. The crane reminds all Karate practitioners to train with a courageous attitude not allowing obstacles to become excuses. With each breath the opportunity for practice brings joy and celebration of life.

The spirit of the crane is one of eternal youth and longevity. Karate students must strive to maintain a strong spirit in order to keep them from darkness and remain in the light.

The crane symbolizes protection. Karate leaders must protect their students by providing them with only the best training possible. They must not be distracted by ego, greed or politics but focus on preparing each student for the many challenges they will be confronted in life.

The crane also symbolizes hope for a better tomorrow. The only way to attain a better future, is by the positive contributions from those who seek it.

The crane spreads its wings in a circle, symbolizing compassion and world peace. For the MATC dojo together with all those throughout the world who embraces Karate-do as it should, respect and understanding will lay the foundation for happiness and harmony.

The circle also represents oneness with the mind, body and spirit: an understanding of the physical and the spiritual. The physical allows us to have many choices but the ones sought from God are the ones that are righteous.

The MATC allies itself with other wholesome martial arts such as Kendo, Aikido, Iaido and Kobudo.

Embracing the meaning of this logo and what it represents will keep Karate and other martial arts on the •Do• or •path• that steers all its members on a steady and true course in life.