MATC Class Schedule

2018-19 WINTER SCHEDULE (Download PDF)

Class Description

KARATE-DO - Classical martial art of Saito-ha Shito-ryu utilizing a diversity of techniques and training methods to stimulate mind, body and spirit growth, while learning how to defend yourself.

IAIJUTSU - Japanese Swordsmanship - Ages 12 & older. Students must purchase a Hakama uniform and a practice sword.

KENDO - Japanese Fencing - Ages 12 & older. Students must purchase a kendo training outfit. Approximate cost for the gear is $150.00. Additional tuition fee is required.

AIKIDO - The way of harmonious spirit - Ages 8 & older. Classes meet on Tuesday & Thursday evening and Sunday afternoon. Additional tuition fee is required.

KOBUDO - Traditional Okinawan weapons are taught for students 10 years and older who purchase their own weapons.

YOUTHS - Classes for 5 years & older or those who are able to pay attention for one hour.

GENERAL - Classes are for students of all ranks.

ADVANCED - Green, Brown & Black Belts and students who are admitted by invitation only.

BOOK CHECK - Requirements are checked off in student's promotion books by an examiner if performed or completed satisfactorily.

Dress Code - Please be reminded that MATC enforces a dress code. Please review our rules and regulations.

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