Getting Started

Getting started in Karate is easy and exciting. If there are no specific health problems, anyone can train and find enjoyment in Karate. Arrange for a free introductory class and an appointment with our Program Director and you•ll be on your way to better health, confidence and the ability to defend yourself. Before signing up, it is important that you are committed and understand that our program is not a quick crash course in self defense.

A feeling of well-being and vitality will come from the physical conditioning, and constant attention to body control and flow will improve balance and coordination.

Another benefit is the special kind of comradeship to be found in the dojo. Students soon become close to one another as they train, and develop a fellowship which adds to the enjoyment of training.

Training in the martial arts also provides an excellent opportunity to endure rigorous training thus making it easier to endure the rough times in our daily lives.

The karate student will develop a strength of spirit which provides a fresh outlook on life. For an art whose primary purpose seems to be a violent response it is ironic that karate training leads to a philosophy of non-violence. The serious student will come to understand this through experience.

Faithful attendance is essential for progress. Although once a week practice is better than no practice at all, it is recommended to train two to three times per week, especially when first beginning classes. Overcoming obstacles and experiencing the exhilaration of victory is one way we teach our students how to build self-disciplne, confidence and perseverance.

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